Peninsula – review

Wife and I decided to “digitally purchase” Peninsula since we both were really looking forward to watching it and didn’t want to wait for it to hit Shudder.

Peninsula is…not Train to Busan. But I think we all knew that going in (or we should anyway). It’s hard not to compare the two since they take place in the same world.

Peninsula was fun but definitely had some flaws. For a zombie movie there’s a surprising number of car chase scenes. To my eye the car scenes often had wonky cgi. The lighting was a little off, they seemed a little too animated, the physics was slightly off, etc.

There’s also some really nice set pieces. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Escape From NY, and Walking Dead are in the DNA mix somewhere. You can really feel this in the scenes in the camp. The battle arena sequences were fun and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of them.

I really loved the heist set-up of the film and would have loved if more time was spent with it. It’s ultimately discarded for the most part but the idea itself was both simple and great that it is easy to imagine an entire movie that follows just that premise.

Peninsula starts off as one type of story before becoming another and yet again another. A more focused throughline would have helped it.

I really liked that the world of Train to Busan was expanded. I think there’s potential for some other fun stories to be told in it. Even though this one was more of a mixed bag for me, I want to see more stories in this world.

I would say 3/5 or a C grade. I also feel comfortable recommending it but I also feel comfortable wait until it hits Shudder.

Up top I mentioned my wife. It’s worth noting she liked it a lot more than I did and told me my grade was wrong. She was fully invested in the story, loved the characters, and was engaged the whole time. She also was wondering if the slightly cartoon look of the car scenes was a design choice meant to emulate video games. I don’t know but it’s a stray thought that I share. You can find her review here.

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